Workers’ Compensation Scammers

My name is Shirley and for the past thirteen years my husband has been the main provider in our home while faithfully working at the same company for those thirteen years. Because of his efforts I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom and give our home and children the constant attention they require. That is until last summer.

Last summer my husband was injured on the job and it has been an ongoing battle ever since. We have been fighting the system to approve our case and give us the benefits we deserve after thirteen long years of hard work. Last year, the Florida Supreme Court got rid of several elements of the workers’ compensation statutes claiming they were unconstitutional. The results: significant increases in claim costs and premium rates. My husband was injured on the job and because of the delay in resolving our claim, I had to go back to work. I wasn’t able to stay home and tend to my responsibilities with the house including cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, or tending to the yard, but I also was no longer available to take my children to and from school, play practice, soccer, or piano. None of my kids are old enough to drive let alone cook a meal worth eating. Let’s not forget my husband, the one who was physically injured and his daily routine was turned upside down. Who was going to take care of him? My entire family has been suffering since this occurred and all we wanted was for someone to lend us a helping hand.

While going through this new chapter in our lives, one that I hope we never have to revisit, I have heard a few stories that upset me to no end. Stories of people taking advantage of the Workers’ Compensation system. People who have submitted a workers’ compensation claim they’ve blown way out of proportion, exaggerated just to get a few months if not years of paid “recovery” for a minor incident. People like this have made it harder for people who actually need help to get it. This isn’t solely an issue just with Workers’ Comp, it’s an issue going on in several of our government programs. Workers’ Comp insurance is supposed to help businesses in the event that one of their employees becomes injured on the job, they cannot sue them in a civil court. When a claim is done successfully and honestly, the employee receives payments to replace wages and cover medical expenses while they are in recovery.

I wish I had known to find an attorney from the get go. If you or someone you know has been injured while at work, I highly recommend you find yourself a Florida workers’ compensation attorney to handle the legal mumbo jumbo and avoid dragging out this painful process. Attorney Nancy L. Cavey works tirelessly on workers compensation cases in Florida. She fights on behalf of Floridians who have been denied their promised benefits and have been overlooked in their time of need.

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