What Causes Male Pattern Baldness & Treatment with Hair Transplant

The Androgenic alopecia a genetically caused hair loss presents the male pattern baldness in men that are transferred from one generation to the next and both the parent sides can be responsible for the traits. The male pattern baldness is an obvious result of the genetic hair loss in which DHT-sensitive hair roots get lost and gradually patient experiences the hair loss problem. The genes, which is responsible for the diseases can be transferred from either parent and inherited to the baldness to their offspring. The symptoms of hair loss started very early in the life and hair loss gets obvious in the early 20s and affected the major areas of the scalp in the late 30s. The hair transplant procedure is allowed by the Surgeon to re-achieve the original hair by a simple method of hair root extraction, whether the FUT or an FUE hair transplant.

The hair transplant in India has the most specific space in treating the hair loss by the restoration procedure and comes on the top position in the hair transplant world. The Indian Surgeons are skilled, well-versed and trained in the same as they have the international training-exposure and hair restoration society’s active participation that are rated on their expertise and giving a number of the best aesthetic output of the procedure.

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The Androgenic alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness

Research has found that male pattern baldness is associated with the male sex hormone, named Androgen, which has a major role in the proper hair growth of the body, mainly the scalp.

It is scientifically proven that the hair grows through the hair growth cycle mechanism, which has three stages, namely, the Anagen, Catagen, and the Telogen stage that regulates the hair growth with the growing stage, resting stage and shedding stage respectively. But, in the case of Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, the hair growth cycle gets completely disturbed and the hair follicles early entry into the Telogen stage that causes a severe hair loss.

So, it is a matter of concern to know the case of hair loss with their exact cause and factor and hence it is recommended to get a proper consultation with the plastic & cosmetic Surgeon if any susceptibility arises for the genetic hair loss.

The male pattern baldness affects the men mostly with various grades of a Norwood class of baldness that ranges from grade I to VII.

The research found that more than 50% of all men are affected by the Androgenic alopecia and the hair transplant is the only solution for getting the permanent hair back from the patient’s own scalp.

The Hair Transplant Procedure for the Male Pattern Baldness

The procedure of hair transplant or hair restoration is the process of transferring the original hair root from the patient’s own scalp or body to the recipient bald area in order to cover the present grade of baldness effectively by the live hair roots. This shifting of hair roots can be performed either the technique of FUT or FUE with the same goal of re-achieving the hair roots permanently. The restoration of hair is the boon of the plastic & the cosmetic surgery world that allows a Surgeon to effectively cover the bald area with original hair roots and aesthetically they apply the process of slit making and implantation that is a determinative step in order to get the aesthetic outcome of the procedure. It is very important to receive the natural hairline design after the implantation for which a Surgeon follows the irregular hairline pattern and give the top consideration while choosing the graft for the frontal hairline. They choose the slim grafts for making the hairline design that fulfills the criteria of making the natural hairline design.

The Importance of Hair Transplant Procedure is jotted down below:

  • Gives Permanent hair roots by targeting the Safe donor are for the hair root extraction
  • Gives the natural outcome with undetectable frontal hairline if performed by the expert Surgeon
  • It is the cost-effective option rather than medication or any therapies because it sort out the problem of baldness permanently just in a single sitting of restoration if there is no further loss of hair that depends upon your individual status of hair loss and greatly affected by the earlier hair loss due to Androgenic alopecia
  • No, follow up is required once the procedure gets completed
  • No need to give extra care or maintenance as the hair re-grows naturally with all the natural characteristics of color, caliber, texture, and length.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a single permanent option to get back the original hair from the patient’s own scalp and highly recommended by the plastic & cosmetic Surgeon if a patient is affected by the Androgenic alopecia or the male pattern of baldness.

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