What Are The Proper Times For Meals?

Out of all the quotes I have read on meals, I think the best one is that the breakfast should be like a king, the lunch should be like a common man and the dinner should be like the beggar. This quote tells you in what quantity you should eat your food in order to lose weight and maintain a good body. Of course there may be days on which you may wish to eat something more or less, but that should not be done on a regular basis if you love your body and give importance to your appearance.

The above words are on the quantity of the food, but what are the times? At what time should you have your breakfast? At what time should you eat your lunch? At what time should you eat your dinner?

Also, if you have your supplements from https://cz.siberianhealth.com, you might want to know follow the most perfect routine because if you don’t take supplements after proper time intervals, they don’t work on your body. If you want a healthier body along with a fast-working brain, you need to eat just when the time is right.

The breakfast should be at 9am:

Okay so you do night shifts and you sleep at 9am, but before sleeping, you can always have your breakfast and then go off to bed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The lunch should be before 1pm:

The lunch should always be before 1pm because after that, you might start feeling acidic due to the long gap between your breakfast and the lunch. You can have almonds, peanuts and other such things to kill the cravings, but lunch is as important as the breakfast.

The dinner should be before 8pm:

People eat their dinner by 10 or 11pm, but this should not be the case. If someone wishes to lose weight, he has to focus on having his dinner before 8pm. This way, he has ample of time to digest his food before he goes off to a good night sleep.

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