What Are the Most Effective Of Teeth Whitening


A lovely smile is perhaps all that one needs to signal that everything is okay to a

spouse, colleague, or kids. But the foods people take, beverages, and even water can

compromise the ability to have a lovely smile. If you suffer from teeth coloring, it should

not be the end of the road to putting an attractive smile and maintaining healthy teeth.

The following are the most effective methods of teeth whitening.

Stay away from colored beverages

Colored foods have been cited as one of the major causes of teeth staining. You should

ensure to stay away from colored foods such as black tea, cola, and red wine. Remem-

ber that most of these colored foods also contain preservatives and other chemicals that weaken the dental system. Teeth whitening in Bangkok or somewhere else is one of the best solution to recover confidence.

Select your foods carefully

If you take foods with a lot of acid, they are likely to cause staining. Some of these in-

clude lemon flavored foods, soy sauces, and ketchup. Foods that contain a lot of fats

and sugar also encourage bacteria to build up and damage the enamel. To keep the

teeth healthy and free from stains, you should go for fruits and fiber-rich veggies. You

should also go for whole grain foods, nuts, and supplements.

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Use the right brush to brush the teeth twice every day

Teeth staining mainly result from the accumulation of plaque on the enamel. You can

keep the teeth white and healthy by brushing them as regularly as possible. It is re-

commended that you brush the teeth after every meal. If this is impossible because of

your busy schedule, make sure to brush the teeth at least twice every day.

In addition to brushing the teeth every day, you should also brush them using a high-

quality brush. Remember that every brushing session should take about 10 minutes so

that all the plaque and dirt are cleared.

Use the best teeth whitening solution

Some stains especially those that have overstayed or caused by tobacco are very stub-

born. To make the teeth white again, you need to look for an appropriate teeth whitening

strategy such as a whitening cream, in-office whitening, or natural methods.

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