Steroidal Effects In Males And Females

Today, people are busy running behind money that they have very less or themselves. They skip breakfast which is the first meal of the day and sometimes eat very less unhealthy food because of time constraint. This will only lead to fat deposition in the body. Be it males or females are thriving on fatty foods like pizza, burgers and sandwiches today that they fail to notice the harm that they cause to their body. This fat deposition turns out to be body fat with forms rolls in the body which is not appealing to look. It is important that they should be made aware of the fact that this fat can cause many diseases including heart stroke, brain damage and cholesterol. It can be fatal to have pizzas and other fatty foods regularly.

Many doctors prescribe to run and walk every day as running can burn down the fat easily. It helps in melting the fat deposits in the body thus giving the person the right body shape. But people today, choose pills and steroids since they do not have time to hit the gym. These steroids though help in bringing the body in shape and burns down the fat in the body, still have side effects which can be fatal to the person consuming it. The steroids are synthetic form of male natural hormone, testosterone. This steroid works with the body and produces more of this hormone thus helping in increasing muscle mass and improving body shape. It is mostly used by the gym goers who want to look strong and different when compared to normal people. Steroids are temporary solutions which are dangerous for the normal functioning of the body. They can affect the nervous system thus causing psychological and physical side effects, be it men or women.

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Positive effects

Steroids have a few positive effects for which it is great demand all over the world. It is manufactured illegally in countries since some of them are banned in parts of the world. They help in regulating the body parts to function better. Anabolic steroids can be taken orally or commonly via an injection. Steroids help in improving muscle mass, tissue repair, reduce pain, improve performance in athletes, endurance and fat loss. Some steroids can be used to prevent swelling of muscles and organs. They also cause increased arousal and sexual performance which can sometimes be annoying when aroused at inappropriate times. They help to energize the body thus providing stamina to play or perform for a long time without feeling exhausted.

Negative effects

The steroids have side effects like depression, anxiety, violent behavior and mood swings in both men and women. Men also suffer from erectile dysfunction and low sperm production due to consumption of steroids. Baldness, voice deepening and increased growth of facial and pubic hair are also some of the side effects. They also cause enlargement of heart, premature balding, dizziness, joint pain etc. Steroids like Anadrol is said to have 9 hours active half-life. The Half-life is the period within which the steroidal effect is at its maximum. The person might have extreme anger and roid rage due to the over use of Anadrol. Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid and with 9 hours active half-life it can cause brain freeze as well.

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