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Many times people feel embarrassed to purchase medications for various sexual diseases over the counter thus they take help of online drug store. With the help of online services you could avail discreet drug package right at your doorsteps. If you want to avail similar services then it is mandatory to log on to RXShopMD, here you can avail genuine drug for herpes which will provide genuine relief from the disease.

HSV 1 and HSV 2 are two main viruses which are known to cause cold sores and genital herpes. The herpes virus basically enters inside the epidermis which causes the outbreak of lesions. Basically lesions are prone to recur after skin contact and they can be transmitted from one person to another. If you want to take genuine precaution against the disease then it is advised to purchase Valtrex drug.

How to use the drug?

You can use 1 gram of Valacyclovir, twice a day, for about a week when you are infected with herpes for the first time. If the symptom recurs then it is advised to take 500mg of the drug, two times in a day for about three days. Furthermore, if you are suffering from the herpes of lips, then you can take 2 gram of drug, twice in a day and care should be taken that the dosage of the drug should be taken at a gap of 12 hours.

If you want to prevent your partner to get the disease through sexual transmission, then it is advised to take 500 mg of the drug on a daily basis. To prevent the outbreak of cytomegalovirus it is advised to take 2 grams of the drug, at a stretch of six hours in a day. Usually for a healthy person the total time for proper medication is 90 days, but the time duration can also be increases for people who are under strict medication or have less drug intolerance.

-Drugs’ mechanism

Drug for herpes basically prevents the multiplication of the virus inside of healthy cells, the drug is known to heal the sores quickly and alleviate the pain level.

-Proper precautions during the drug usage

It is advised to provide reduced dosage of the drug to elderly patients and people who are suffering from renal diseases. It is recommended to avail the help of a physician if you want to take the drug during pregnancy as it has tendency to pass through the breast milk. Thus, if you are on the medication against herpes, then it is advised to discontinue the breast feed till the medication washes out from your system.

If you have an organ transplant then you are recommended to consult your doctor before taking the drug. Since, along with the combination of immunosuppressant the level of the drug increases in the blood. It is also advised to use the drug on HIV patients and on kids below 12 years of age after thorough consultation from your doctor, since they have low tolerance of the drug.

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