Low Gi Glutten Free Flour

Everybody would certainly enjoy a well refined baked product, and for those who have got a grip for such and yet can’t find options, The Glutten free flour comes as a substitute for the usual wheat or Maida flour. This High Protein Rich Flour comes in as a highly nutritious product and perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Enhanced with high fibre content, antitoxins phytonutrients, vitamin E and iron, this product is a complete package of what exactly a healthy meal should consist of.

The flour is more favourable for those suffering from autoimmune disease, the Ibs and also celiac disease. A 100 gram serve consists of a well-balanced nutrient level for your body. Consisting of 300Kcal of energy, 12Gramms of proteins, 62 grams of carbohydrates and 4.5 grams of fat. For anyone well concerned about a healthy diet will confirm that taking such a combination leaves your body at o risk at all. With is low levels of glycaemic index content, the Protein Rich flour once used ensures slow digestion thus giving the body long lasting energy during working activities.

The ingredients of this product provided by Grow fit are specifically meant to bring the best state of health to your body. Ingredients like the chicory root, husks and heats are all healthy components and isolated protein peas are also added to increase the protein content. The Gluten free flour product is 100 percent approved by the scientists as a healthy product. With a 500 gram pack you can get up to 25 rotis. Its shelf storage time is 45 days which enables you to use it without worries of it being quickly spoiled. It is cool to stay healthy and this product is a must use if you want to keep fit every time

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