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What is an ear pillow?

There has been a spate of innovative pillows being created over the last few years. There have been pillows made of novel new polymers that promise extra bounce, loft or support. Pillows with speakers or lights in-built to give you an enhanced sensory experience or to wake you up naturally. Many of them can be found on Kickstarter and fulfil needs you may never even have known you had.

An ear pillow is, quite simply, any pillow designed with the human ear in mind. As for fulfilling unknown needs – if you need an ear pillow you will certainly already know it. Either you will have come upon the idea yourself or your doctor will have advised you of such.

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What does an ear pillow look like?

Ear pillows generally have a hole in the middle of them, or at least an indent. The hole usually runs right the way through and should be large enough to accommodate the human ear. They are also usually a little smaller than regular pillows and are often designed to fit atop of your existing pillow at home.

Why do I need one?

You may need an ear pillow for a number of reasons.

You may have had ear surgery and need your ear to rest while it heals. A normal pillow will rub against the wound and prevent timely resolution. You may also have a particularly awkward or large ear piercing and are finding it hard to sleep as it jabs into the pillow.  

Another reason you may need such a pillow is a little more pernicious. You may be experiencing a pressure sore on your ear. This pressure sore, also known as Chondrodermatitis or CNH, is the result of the continued rubbing of the ear against the pillow each night. The cumulative effect of this is quite painful and will not subside without intervention.

Usually this rubbing isn’t so much of a problem as evidence by the fact that people have been using pillows for hundreds if not thousands of years. Yet, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that pillows, especially as we get older, are causing damage to the ear, and that this damage is not easily treated unless a change in pillow is made. It is becoming more of an issue these days because we are living longer lives and this condition typically affects those over 60.  

However the good news is that by changing your pillow, you will relieve the pressure on the ear, thereby giving your body time to heal naturally.

If you’re suffering from ear pain caused by your pillow or have noticed a small red patch of skin which is tender to the touch, consider getting an ear pillow with a hole.  

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