Disadvantages of using Anavar

When looking for steroids in the market, we want to try the mildest possibility. The side effects of Anavar occur rarely, and even when they do they are mild. This is why most people want to turn to Anavar. However, we can never predict that there will not be any adverse reaction. When knowing or using Anavar, you have to first understand what is Oxandrolone. Once you know this, you will know more about the probable side effects.

Disadvantages of Anavar

Anavar is derived from DHT so the side effects will be similar if not identical. You can presume that it causes liver problems and andogenic side effects, along with some more cases listed below:

  1. Physical Appearance

People have breakouts in their back, shoulders, and face. Anavar needs you to keep skin dry and clean all the time. Some Anavar side effects can be genetic. DHT also damages hair follicles, and greatly effects men with pattern baldness.

  1. Prostate Enlargement

If there is huge buildup of DHT you can have prostate enlargement. Massive amounts of hormone would be taken up as a reaction. The symptoms should be enough to stop consuming Anavar. Even supplements can lead to this even if it is not prominent. Finasteride helps in this case and reduces enlargement significantly but doesn’t eliminate.

  1. Hepatotoxicity

Anavar is similar to most steroids in terms of being hepatotoxi C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) composition. However, when Anavar is taken in right doses, it hardly increases liver enzymes. People should avoid drinking or using over-the-counter medicines with Anavar consumption. These can lead to liver conditions. Apart from these, liver enzymes are likely to increase but again come back to normal level with supplements.

  1. Testosterone Suppression

Men think that Anavar doesn’t suppress testosterone, but it might. The hormone of Oxandrolone can have a slight effect of the HPTA. There will be a negative impact on Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This alternatively means that you must take Anavar moderately and avoid exogenous testosterone supplements. However, if you use Anavar with more anabolic steroids, you might need to use exogenous testosterone supplements. If you don’t do that you could have low levels of testosterone that is again harmful for you.

  1. Effects in women

One problematic condition in women due to Anavar is virilizaiton – this brings masculine traits in women. However, most women use Anavar responsibly to curb such possibility. If there are symptoms resulting in the condition, you might need help.  The first thing to do is stop consuming Anavar and that will make you stop noticing symptoms. However, if you ignore signs of virilization you could permanently have masculine traits. Women usually stick to using 10 mg supplements a day and take it for 6 to 8 weeks. Some women might take more than 10 mg, but that causes more chances of having virilization.

Anavar causes liver problems and andogenic side effects, and these are the basic that you can expect. However, most of Anavar effects can be curbed with responsible consumption. Try to follow the right way of using Anavar, and you will be safe.

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