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Eyes are an essential gift from God. If you try closing your eyes for even 10 minutes, you will realize its significance. So, like any other part of our body, they need to be protected with extreme care. Such conscious efforts and pro-activeness also improve our vision in the long run. Eye care clinics like Vision Care Specialists bring you the latest and customized approach towards eye care. Their optometrists ensure that you get the best eye care solutions in town to enhance your lifestyle.

Eye care specialty services

The different services that you can expect at this particular Colorado Eye Care Specialist center are:

  • Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) –Through this program, you get to know about the specially designed glasses for computer usage which can soothe your tired eyes. The technicians will also guide you on how to minimize eye strain while using computers and in what way computer ergonomics can reduce your risk of CVS.
  • Information on general eye health – Proper nutrition and diet play a vital role in maintaining the health of your eyes. Their staff members guide you regarding the proper nutritional food you should follow.
  • Dry eye syndrome – At high altitudes, you face the problem of dry eye syndrome due to lack of moisture that otherwise act as lubrication. In Colorado, this is a common problem due to its high altitude, so the specialists guide you as to how to overcome this problem.
  • Sports vision –Here, you get the ultimate guideline on the latest vision testing techniques used in sports, contact lens to be used in sports, the types of protective sports eyewear, etc.

The surgical solutions

At Vision Care Specialists they offer a number of surgical solutions to help you cope up with your eye problem:

  • Lasik – This is the most common laser surgery used to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. In this procedure, your cornea is reshaped so that the light entering the eye is correctly focused on the retina for a clear vision.
  • Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)–It is a surgical way to insert contact lenses into your eyes to correct myopia, i.e., nearsightedness. ICL work from within your eye and do not sit on the surface of the eye and offers a permanent solution to myopia.
  • Laser cataract surgery – Vision Care Specialists along with a private group of surgeons is the first clinic in Denver that offer laser cataract technology. This laser cataract surgery is the latest way of cataract removal using advanced technology lens replacement.

LifeFit Approach

Vision Care Specialists, Colorado Eye Care Specialist, is one of the best where they believe in weaving a long-term relationship with their patients. By practicing the LifeFit Approach program, they take great pride in offering you the best eye care treatment in the Denver region. They provide comprehensive eye treatments for your entire family. Their trained staffs know how to deal with the children and make them comfortable during the procedures. With the use of advanced technologies, they can conduct non-dilated eye exams. They can guide all members of your family on the type of glasses, contact lens and sunglasses they should go for as per their requirement. The qualified doctors make your experience exciting.


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