Become muscular and attractive by eating fresh and healthy

Anyone who is already a fitness freak, on his own fitness journey or anyone who is about to start that journey someday or the other wants to see himself in a perfectly shaped body. A flawless body with well-built muscles is the dream of many. Bodybuilding was followed since much before but in the past few years, it has gained worldwide popularity. It is now not only associated with wrestlers, professional fighters but is now frequently practised among other common people also.

Primary factors to focus on for bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is based on maximising the muscle hypertrophy. For this, there are many things required but the most important of them are hard training, appropriate nutrition and sufficient rest. All three of them contribute equally for constructing a body that is culminating. The body builders basically follow these three rules-

  • To eat healthy
  • To train tough
  • To sleep soundly

The best meal strategy

Apart from strenuous exercises and training schedule, a proper meal plan is essential for body builders. It is said that a bodybuilder should eat like a beast. One simply cannot imagine getting massive without taking a goal specific balanced diet. Meal plan bodybuilding includes a diet that is low in carbohydrates, focusing on proteins mainly and comprising of fat for energy. The main goal is to provide extra calories to the person. The use of supplements containingproteins and vitamins is also equally necessary as diet alone is unable to meet the extra demands of the body. A perfect meal for bodybuilders has following-

  • Emphasize on Proteins– Proteins are the most important form of nutrition needed by a bodybuilder, because the muscle proteins are responsible for generating the force applied by contracting muscles. Bodybuilders should 25-30% of calories from a protein diet i.e. about 1 gram protein per pound body weight. Good protein sources are milk, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, poultry products, etc.
  • Low carbohydrate diet– A diet should be low on carbs, not completely skipping it. It helps in improving the muscle tone. Non starchy carbs like fruits, vegetables, fibres should be eaten.
  • Fats for energy- about 97 grams should be fat content in a 2500 calorie diet. Healthy fat foods include avocadoes, coconut milk, etc.

Focusing on specific body muscles

In bodybuilding, whole body muscles are built but certain muscles like biceps, chest, abdominal and glute are given special emphasis. Big biceps, shaped abs and cult lower body are bodybuilder’s favourite possessions. Biceps have essential impact on a person’s physique, so they must be carefully taken care of. Big biceps can be achieved by many arm exercises, out of which the best are curls. Best bicep curls include reverse curls; hammer curls, seated dumbbell curls, preacher curls, barbell curls, run the back biceps curls, etc.

Stay strong, Stay appealing

Bodybuilding is not at all an easy-going task and requires utmost dedication, paramount hard work and ultimately, great patience. You can achieve it by taking good meal and by remaining both physically and mentally resilient.

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