An Enhancement to Change Your Life

A procedure that enhances the breasts and the self-esteem at the same time with little to no side effects is a breast augmentation. The procedure is usually done in an outpatient format, but you could stay in the hospital overnight so that your doctor can monitor you for any infection that might occur and to monitor the drainage tubes that are often placed in the breasts. Before the surgery, you should understand about what will happen and the recovery process so that you’re prepared.

Getting Ready

Before your surgery, you’ll meet with a doctor who performs a breast augmentation Bellevue WA. During the visit, you’ll discuss what you want the final results to be as well as your medical history. You can also talk to your doctor about any health issues that might have triggered your decision to have a breast augmentation procedure performed. Your doctor will explain the process and show you pictures of what your breasts will likely look like after you recover.

When you get to the hospital or the outpatient center, you’ll be taken to an area where you can change clothes and prepare for the nurse to start your IV. After medications are given to help you relax, you’ll usually be taken right to surgery. Most doctors prefer sedation, but you could choose general anesthesia depending on what you’re having done and the level of comfort that you desire during the surgery.

The Surgery

Your doctor will try to make the incision so that it’s not easily seen, which is usually along the edge of the areola or along the fold under the breast. Keep in mind that the type of breast augmentation performed will sometimes determine where the incision is made. Once the incision is made, an implant is placed in each breast. There are a few options with the implants that are used. A silicone implant is usually already formed and enlarged to an agreed-upon size before the surgery begins. A saline implant is usually a flat pouch that is inserted into each breast. Saline is then injected slowly into each one until the desired size is achieved. This is often the easiest way to perform a breast augmentation because the surgeon can see how large each breast is and ensure that they are the same size before closing the incisions.

Most of the time, the incisions are closed with a few sutures. For many patients, tubes are placed in the breasts to drain fluids for a short time. This isn’t a requirement and is often done depending on the kind of surgery you have. Once the swelling goes down, you can begin to see how your breasts will look. Medications for pain are usually given for pain, and your chest will be wrapped with a bandage as a way to minimize the amount of swelling. Antibiotics are usually given as well. Decrease your activity for the first few days after surgery. This will help to prevent any tearing of the incisions or any bleeding that might occur. Follow up with your doctor at the requested time to view how your breasts look and to ensure that they are healing properly.

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